Usually Larssen Ltd sees a project from start to finish. We want to be involved from the moment that the first ideas are born and when the first decisions are made to the point where the project is complete and ready for use. Being involved from start to finish allows us to insure that every detail, no matter how big or small, is carried out to your satisfaction and with complete professionalism. The scope of our work, however, is not necessarily large scale. It can also consist of the smaller aspects of greenhouse design and maintenance. Finding the most efficient production flow in your nursery or redesigning an existing heating plant are tasks that are also well within our range and we would be more than happy to assist you in these areas.

  • Full planning/Engineering
  • Pre-Projects
  • Budgetting/Financial Planning
  • Production Plans and Education
  • Infrastructure/Logistics
  • Drafting
  • Construction
  • Heating/Irrigation
  • Technical Calculations
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