Larssen Ltd is a company of professional engineers specializing in technical consulting for the greenhouse industry. With 19 years experience in constructing nurseries worldwide, we are both capable and qualified to engineer all aspects of greenhouse expansion and renovation. We have with this experience gained the necessary knowledge and skill to meet your requirements. Whether you want to grow pot roses in Spain, cucumbers in Siberia or herbs in California, Larssen Ltd has the best solution for you.

Larssen Ltd has been part of building the most modern and sophisticated greenhouses for many different crops, including but not limited to pot roses, campanulas, kalanchoes, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Larssen Ltd is completely independent of all suppliers. We believe that this is a good business practice and is necessary to ensure that one gets a true picture of the costs involved.

To get inspiration or to find out that there actually is professional help to be found, even in your niche, please take a close look at the following pages which show some of the completed projects of Larssen Ltd.
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